Monday, February 19, 2018

List of Community Radios in 2018

 List of operational Community Radio Stations in India as on 29 Dec 2017  (214 Nos.) is available in the following link of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India

(Via Jose Jacob, VU2JOS dxindia yg)

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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Ham Radio book release function!

“Ham Radio for Youth” Tamil book is ready for release in the Vandu Net meet.
Date: 10-2-2018
Time: 9.00 am
Venue: Mamalla Heritage Hotel, Mamallapuram
All are welcome and grace the event!

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Ham Radio for Youth, Vol:3

On the occasion of World Radio Day 2018, we are going to release the "Ham Radio for Youth" (Vol:3) book in Tamil. Already we published two books on this series!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) Puttalam (PUT) Tx site

New look of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) Puttalam (PUT) medium wave transmitter site (Lat:07N58 Long:079E48). 873 kHz leased to TWR India and 882 kHz leased to other customers with 400 kW. On Sundays SLBC broadcast in Tamil at 0717-0815 on 1125 kHz from this same Tx site. (Ref: WRTH 2017) Photo credit: Thakezh Simon